Conference Venue

The history of Kanagawa University dates back to 1928, when YONEDA Yoshimori, at the early age of 29, founded the Yokohama Academy to meet a lively demand for night school classes among Yokohama's young workers.

Now, Kanagawa University has grown up to one of the large university in Japan. Then, Kanagawa University has grown into one of Japan's leading institutions of higher education, with a total of 20,000 students in its seven undergraduate faculties, nine graduate schools, and affiliated junior and senior high schools, and over 220,000 alumni active in every field. To this day, the University remains committed to nurturing excellence, and to the solid educational principles that support this tradition, as it prepares graduates to make a contribution in the real world.

Kanagawa University has 3 campuses, Yokohama Campus, Shonan Hiratsuka Campus, and Nakayama Campus, the venue of this workshop will be located in Yokohama Campus.  The Yokohama Campus is located in the port city of Yokohama, about 30 km south from central Tokyo, a city which has quickly assimilated and transmitted the cultures of various countries since the opening of the port. The Yokohama Campus also neighbors the Minato Mirai district, an area at the forefront of the latest trends. It is a 13-minute walk to the nearest station, Hakuraku Station or Higashi-Hakuraku Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, which provides easy access to Yokohama Station, Minato Mirai, as well as Shibuya.